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Common Issues of Adolescence

What kind of challenges is your youngster facing right now?


Among the challenges for young people going through adolescence are:

  • Establishing a personal identity.
  • Developing independence
  • Expanding personal relationships
  • Exploring ones talents and abilities.

For students, these can be confusing tasks and may interfere with their success at school. As school counselors, we provide short-term counseling to students and consultation to parents and school staff regarding these student issues.


Other Common Issues of Adolescence


  • Concerns with fitting in
  • Socializing with friends takes precedence over grades and other former interests
  • Overuse of denial of consequences when taking risks
  • Require structure, although reject and fight against it
  • Crave time alone
  • Experimentation with alcohol, drug, or sexual activity in order to obtain/maintain friends, humiliate parents, and counteract fears of worthlessness
  • Low self-esteem
  • Exaggerated use of imitating role models



  • May complain about physical symptoms that have to do with psychosomatic symptoms.
  • Transition from obedience to rebellion
  • Rejection of parental guidelines
  • Underlying need to please adults
  • Hero worship/crushes
  • Values/good behavior in exchange for rewards
  • Boy/girl fantasies
  • Present oriented rather than future oriented
  • Overreaction to relatively minor incidents, often having to do with appearance and acceptance
  • Variations in appearance from peers results in undue self-criticism.



  • Rapid, uneven growth spurts (height, weight gain, muscle growth)
  • Variations between increased and decreased appetite
  • Undue attention to weight (80% of girls, 39% boys worry about weight or strength; may lead to use of weight reduction methods, anorexia, bulimia, or steroid use)
  • Greater nutrient needs, but poor dietary habits (fast foods, snacks)
  • Fatigue and growing pains
  • Discomfort when sitting for long periods of time
  • Considerable individual differences
  • Show self-consciousness in learning new skills