Counseling » Peer Mentors in Middle School: How They Can Help

Peer Mentors in Middle School: How They Can Help

Peer mentors are students that have been recommended by their teachers to help their fellow students resolve conflicts and problems that arise in school. Peer mentors work under the direction of Mrs. Frelich, the school counselor, and are trained in a specific process to help resolve conflicts. Students can be referred to a peer mediation by their teachers, the school principal, parents, or themselves.
There is strong evidence that mentoring programs build self-esteem, lead to positive behaviors and ultimately impact the students’ success in school and life for both the mentor and mentee. The leadership group is comprised of role model students that are making a big difference in the school’s positive atmosphere.

School benefits to peer mediations include increased problem-solving skills for both the students involved in the conflict and the mentors, increased self- esteem, decreased student conflicts, thus allowing students more time for learning and teachers more time for teaching.

The students in our peer mentor group are leaders within their school that perform short skits, lead classroom lessons and work toward a safer, more positive school environment.

The peer mentors receive continual training throughout the year for communication, problem solving, self-control, and leadership. 

Peer Mentor Selection Criteria

  1. Students must have a minimum of a C+ average in your class to be recommended as a Peer Mentor.

  2. Students must have no more than one disciplinary referral on file for each year they have been at DMS.

  3. Students must display role model behavior as they are representing their school.

  4. Students must have demonstrated the following qualities:
    Sensitivity to others needs
    Good problem-solving skills