Counseling » Making a Smooth Transition from Elementary to Middle School

Making a Smooth Transition from Elementary to Middle School

Be upbeat about what lies ahead.


Focus on the positive aspects of middle school:

  • A chance to meet new people.
  • A chance to grow into a young adult.
  • A chance to learn about many different subjects.

Recognize their fears of:

  • They'll not be able to open their lockers
  • They'll forget which class they are supposed to go to
  • They are insecure about making mistakes

Give your child strategies:

  • Practice with combination locks over summer
  • Tape schedule to the inside of their planner/binder


Tools to succeed:

  • Develop a daily routine
  • An area for homework that is free from distractions
  • Academic planner-are they using it?
  • Help them to organize themselves - sort through papers
  • Lay out backpack & clothes the night before


Physical symptoms of anxiety:

  • Stomach aches/headaches
  • Wanting to call home due to sickness
  • Irritability
  • Change in emotions


Hold your child accountable

  • Your child is responsible for getting to classes on time
  • They are responsible for their grades and for completing homework assignments
  • Allow them the freedom to make mistakes Know that they will make mistakes. Expect it. (Talk to Mrs. Frelich about Brain Research)