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When I think about Durand Middle School, I think about the students and staff. Without them, we have an empty building. Our staff comes from a variety of backgrounds. Some had other careers before they went into teaching, some grew up in the Detroit area, and some went to Durand, but they are all here for your child. Each of their experiences in life brings something to who they are today and how they run their classrooms. Just like our students, every single one of them are different and our focus is providing each of the students with an education that meets their needs.
Our focus is the whole child-making sure that students are receiving everything they need to develop into functional members of society. At Durand Middle School, we focus on their social-emotional development as well as their academics. We have a school counselor, school wellness counselor, special education social worker, and school nurse to support our efforts in meeting their social emotional needs. Students have the opportunity to work with our behavior coordinator to get skills they need to solve problems or stay focused in class. They also have the opportunity to use our sensory room if they need a break or to blow off some steam for a few minutes.
All of our teachers focus on creating classrooms that support students. We use Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) to make sure that all students can achieve socially, emotionally, and academically. We also use data to determine where a student is functioning and find ways to challenge them.
At DMS, the students and staff make this place unique. Together, we are RAILROADERS!

News & Announcements

7th Grade Meadowbrook Theater Featured Photo

7th Grade Meadowbrook Theater

DMS 7th grade students were able to attend a performance of "A Christmas Carol" at Meadowbrook Theater due to the generous support of the Durand Education Foundation. This Thanksgiving, DMS is thankful for all those who support our students and school community.
Veterans Day Wall of Honor Featured Photo

Veterans Day Wall of Honor

Students and staff at Durand Middle School created a "Wall of Honor" for our loved ones who have served in the military. This Veterans Day we want to thank all our brave service men and women who have sacrificed so much.
Engaging Story Boards Featured Photo

Engaging Story Boards

Students in Mrs. Klooster's 7th grade English class use storyboarding technology to engage in learning the elements of a story. Teachers at DMS are always striving to find creative ways to help students become excited about their learning!