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Needed Classroom Supplies

The supplies listed below are things we are constantly in need of throughout the year. If you feel you are able to help or contribute in any way, I and my students will forever be grateful for your contribution!
1. Tissues
2. Bandaids
3. Dry Erase Markers
4. Disinfectant wipes
5. Erasers of any size
6. Ziploc bags - sandwich, quart, gallon size
7. Pencils - please no pencils wrapped in the plastic patterns. They can't be sharpened in the sharpener. Honestly, Ticonderoga pencils are the best! They sharpen perfectly, the lead rarely breaks inside the pencil when dropped, and they last a long time!
8. Earbuds - your child will need their own pair of earbuds to use during the year in order to participate in online lessons. 
Thank you so much!!!!